Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Big Event

 The big event was the celebration for Grandpa’s 90th birthday.  For all of the family, we had a buffet dinner which was served at the resort.  Thanks to Kim, Ramona’s son, we had professional quality pictures as people came in.  The Woodward family picture was less than ideal since Gabi and Doug had just gotten out of the lake from their skiing adventure. 

We also decided to let mom peek into our family picture from behind. .. .which necessitated a redo.  When everyone went outside, we tried another redo, but Rania wasn’t cooperating so well with the ideal outdoor location.  But we did get a picture of everyone.

 The highlight was that everyone had the chance to share something about grandpa, and it was fun to hear the many stories and reminisce about so much of grandpa’s incredible generosity and kindness throughout the years.

It was sure fun to hear about all the stories, remembering times from childhood, different stages of life, and grandpa's impact on numerous generations! What a blessing!

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