Friday, June 15, 2012

Grandma is 106!

What an absolute privilege to get to spend the day with Grandma (and Tasha).  Doug flew out to Oregon to spend some time with family.  When we moved to Malaysia, and Grandma was 101 years old, I was quite sure that I would not get to see her again.  But she continues to be in relatively good physical health, though mentally does not recognize anyone.

It was so wonderful to see grandma, but also sad.  She still is able to recite much of Psalm 100, Psalm 1 and the poem "Paul's Revere's Ride."  Tasha and I would prompt her and she would continue for a few lines.  What a highlight to be able to spend some time with Grandma! 

Another big highlight was a collection of roses that Manor Residents had from the gardens.  I got to see a number of amazing roses from my first grade teacher, Divonna Crecelius.