Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Supper Club Reunion

We arrived in Indianapolis – and how wonderful to see friends again.  After a bit of a drive, we headed to Forrest and Jeannette’s house for a wonderful reunion of our supper club.  What a delight to see everyone, though the vast majority of the kids were spread around several states – with grandparents, doing their own things, and enjoying times with other friends. 

We came away from the evening so appreciative of the incredible blessings we have.  We heard about the joys of being in the States (being near family) as well as how incredibly thankful we are that our kids have such a wonderful and rich educational experience at ISKL.  How wonderful to catch up with friends and get to hear about their lives.  It was a bit shocking to realize how other kids grow up too – and are not frozen in time from the moment that we last saw them.

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