Saturday, June 16, 2012

Backpacking Again


 How incredibly glorious to be back in the Pacific Northwest, carrying a pack, hiking through the woods, and seeing some of what makes Oregon so ridiculously spectacular.

You can tell by Doug’s carrying of the heavy guidebook that 1)The trip was very short.  Hooray for overnight trips!  And 2) Doug did not really trust Tasha as the guide as we navigated the maze of trails to find the right way to get to Tanner Butte.

We were very happy to get a parking space – as there were only about a dozen spaces – but arriving early enough on a Saturday morning made for a successful place to park – and we were off on a rather rigorous climb heading up through the woods.  The weather was absolutely perfect – a bit cool and very comfortable.

After setting up camp, we ditched our packs and made the rest of the climb to Tanner Butte.  We’d heard rave reviews of being the best view within miles – and it was truly spectacular to get to be right in the shadow of Mt. Hood.  Of course, we joked, Tasha thinks of her climb of Mt. Hood every time that she sees it.  Being the only Woodward to scale the peak does have its perks!

It was a wonderful day to the start of our overnight trip.  

Tasha gave a rousing narration of the view from the top.  By the time we got there in the late afternoon, the cloudless sky had started to accumulate puffy clouds to the north.  By the time we got back to camp, and finished our dinner, it started a very light rain – perfect timing as we slept through the night and had almost entirely dry times when hiking.

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