Tuesday, July 23, 2013

THE Baseball Game

It may someday be confused with "The Game" but for now, THE Baseball Game pitted two rival teams against each other in an epic battle of forces.  The game swayed back and forth, a few members of the teams (ie: Gabi) floated between the game and taking care of young'uns.

In the bottom of the final inning, the team was rallying and team Nikki trailed by one.  Both Grandpa Barrie came up but couldn't drive in any runs - but did load the bases with a grounder to the pitcher. Then Uncle Doug failed to make any damage - with another feeble, pathetic grounding to the pitcher.  Doug's disastrous at bat resulted in Kaiden, the game-tying run being forced out at home.  The agony of defeat.  The thrill of victory.  Another episode in THE Baseball game - one of the great sports rivalries of our time.

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