Friday, July 19, 2013

Greenfield Village

A bit of a KL reunion in southern Michigan!  We made the drive up to Greenfield Village and met the Bouwens.  It was a hot day, but what a neat experience.  There were lots of highlights.

One silly highlight was running the wagon down a small incline while trying to avoid oncoming Model-Ts.   Considering we were going to reunite in KL in just a few weeks, it was funny to think of an actual North American reunion for all of us from SE Asia.  We enjoyed lingering and talking and having a good day together.

Kids were cute in hats!

Reeve and Samuel played baseball the old-fashioned way.

 We visited Menlo Park and Edison's recreated workshop where we got to see one of the original phonographs.  We finished the day outside chatting while the kids tried to ferry coins from the fountain to the coin machine where 51 cents gets you a designer penny.

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