Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Great Wall

For the Learning 2.012 conference in Beijing, the flight schedule resulted us getting in early the morning before the conference after a red eye.  Unfortunately, Tracy was very sick and unable to make the trip - feeling absolutely miserable.  We were looking forward to going back to where we first met, but sickness did not permit it. 

Dave, the guru in the know, had a van meet us at the airport and took us straight to the Great Wall.  We got there early and it was quite cold.  Dave bought a $6000 sweatshirt (or so it seemed), which quickly became ridiculous as the sun came out and absolutely perfect weather ensued.

After being in the heat and humidity of KL, the clear skies outside Beijing were amazing.  We commented on how we would have loved to come on a hike in this area whether or not there was one of the greatest man-made monuments on Earth - the Great Wall.

It was spectacular, and a highlight was going beyond the "tourist" area to the overgrown section of the wall, which was not maintained.  How incredibly fun to be exploring, if only for a few moments, what was really more of a trail over ruins instead of the restored sections of the wall. 

It was quite the fun start to the trip.  On the way back, the rich colors of the corn drying on the side of the road was one of many sights, sounds and smells of China that welcomed us.

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