Sunday, February 26, 2012


After the conference, I had the opportunity, thanks to erratic flight schedules between Mumbai and KL to spend a little time with my good friend Andi Eicher.  His blog, unlike mine, is deep and life-impacting.  He and his family wrestle with life and death on a near daily basis as they have a clinic in Thane, outside of Mumbai, that ministers to the HIV-positive.  If you want to laugh and cry, be inspired and challenged beyond imagination, it would be worth a jump over to his blog to capture a snapshot of their lives. 

It was truly inspirational and amazing to hear all of Andi & Sheba's experiences, to worship with them in their house church, and to visit the clinic and see the work they are doing with those who are too often lacking hope. 

And it was quite sure that we definitely ended up seeing the "real India."  Wow.  Thanks, Andi & Sheba for letting us into your lives for a short period.

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