Sunday, February 26, 2012

Best Church Experience!

How absolutely wonderful to join Andi & Sheba for their gospel hour at the clinic.  Open to the community and the patients in the clinic, Andi led the hour time of worship and encouragement almost entirely in Hindi.  It was so exciting to see Andi, barefoot, strumming his guitar with vigor as they jumped to a variety of praise songs in the Hindi praise song.

But what made the event so memorable, was me, the lone white guy, sitting in the corner, and right next to me was this guy with a most memorable shirt.  The motto was boldly pastered on both the front and back:  "F***ing Magic:  You can't be down When you are high."  To finish it off, there was a big marijuana leaf.

Never in all my years of church services do I think I've sat next to someone with swear words on their shirt!  What a great glimpse of what the church should be - much like Jeevan Sahara Kendra - open to all and giving hope to the hopeless.

Thanks, Andi and Sheba for the experience!

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