Tuesday, September 8, 2015

ISKL Fantasy Football Draft

It's that time of year again!  Almost ready for some football!  Yea.  Well, it is time for the ISKL Fantasy Football Draft.  With 16 teams, we're in two pools of 8.  Here is how my draft ended up.  How do you think I'll do? 

In any event, it is a fun evening at Max's house.

1.(5)Marshawn Lynch(Sea - RB)
2.(12)Demaryius Thomas(Den - WR)
3.(21)Randall Cobb(GB - WR)
4.(28)Alshon Jeffery(Chi - WR)
5.(37)Jimmy Graham(Sea - TE)
6.(44)Andre Ellington(Ari - RB)
7.(53)Andre Johnson(Ind - WR)
8.(60)Ben Roethlisberger(Pit - QB)
9.(69)Golden Tate(Det - WR)
10.(76)Ameer Abdullah(Det - RB)
11.(85)Doug Martin(TB - RB)
12.(92)Sam Bradford(Phi - QB)
13.(101)Denver(Den - DEF)
14.(108)Miami(Mia - DEF)
15.(117)Matt Prater(Det - K)

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