Sunday, November 25, 2012

Macky Sighting!

After leaving the Summit, I caught a ride with Chris and Miguel from ISB and made my way to Cameron and Caryn Macky’s house.  We had been at ISK (Nairobi) way back in 1992-93 as we were all starting our overseas careers together.  For the next few years, we had several visits as Cameron and Caryn were in Guayaquil, Ecuador when I was in Peru.  The same year that they got jobs at ISB, I went to ACS, and now we are again back close together in SE Asia.  Shockingly, we had passed in the wind several times.  When Cameron had made trips to ISKL, usually for volleyball tournaments, Doug would be somewhere else for some trip. 

So it was great to see them, hear about ISB, and also celebrate Thanksgiving with the ISB crowd.  It was fun also to see Chad and Susan Bates – who were SO helpful our first year in ISKL, and instrumental in convincing us to make to KL.

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