Friday, May 25, 2012

Swim Carnival

One of the highlights of the school year is always the ISKL elementary Swim Carnival.  Doug was able to get away for the younger kids - and see Rania and Gabi do their races.  How fun! 

Gabi got ribbons (wristbands) for all of her races - she sure did well!  

Rania also got several ribbons for her racing.   It is sad to think that we won't get to have Ms. Ely as a teacher for any of our kids anymore.  Boo hoo.

It was a fun day!


Laura Sandlin said...

Ok good job Gabi but, that is so unfair you havn't even metioned a SINGLE thing about us yet! that is so mean!

Laura Sandlin said...

i havn't seen ONE single photo of us sice you left!