Friday, March 30, 2012

Boracay Island Tour

We took the opportunity to go on a tour of the island.  It was a great trip around the island with lots of incredible beauty.  The kids got to do some snorkeling, which was a big highlight.

 But the definite highlight was the beauty of Puka Beach.  On the windy Northern side of the island, the clear water and the soft sand is part of what makes Boracay so fabulous.   It really was a breath-taking place to stop for lunch.

When we arrived, the girls decided they might want a souvenir.  Well, they sure had enough attention!  


Laura Sandlin said...

That is so totally unfair! You guys get to go around the world a lot. and it's starting to make me be mad. And who's that girl with Gabi?!?! >:(

Laura Sandlin said...

that is beautiful secenery, but it's so totally unfair!!!!